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Frequently Asked Questions

What identification is needed when I come to sell scrap metal?



A photo ID is required to be paid for your scrap metal.  If your photo ID does not have a current address, you must bring proof of address. You also must be at least 18 years of age to sell scrap metal. 

Acceptable photo IDs

  • Valid driver’s license with photo ID

  • Valid passport

  • Valid state issued ID

All scrap items must be free of oils, fuels and any hazardous substances. 

Seller should be prepared to demonstrate proof of ownership.

Where can I find Interstate Meal Processing recycling yard?

Jonesburg, MO (Interstate Metal Processing-Shredder Facility)

What items do you accept?

Click here for a list of items we accept


What items don't you accept?

What items are prohibited?

The most common items that are turned away include pressurized containers (propane, aerosol or extinguishers), hazardous, corrosive, explosive or radioactive items.  

Is an appointment necessary?

No appointment is necessary.

Our location is open Monday - Friday (8:00 am - 5:00 pm) and Saturday (8:00 am - Noon)

Find a Location

How do I know what type of metal I have?

The “magnet test” is an easy way to determine what type of metal you have.If the magnet sticks to the metal object, it is steel or iron, referred to as “ferrous metal”.  Steel and iron has little value.  We encourage you to recycle this material at one of our scrap yards.Common household items (ferrous):

  • Steel – car, file cabinets, shelves, chairs

  • Iron – decorative items, gates and fencing, tools, cast iron pots/pans

If the magnet does not stick to the metal object, it will typically be copper, aluminum, brass, bronze or stainless steel.  These metals are referred to as “non-ferrous metal”.  You will typically be paid for non-ferrous metals at our yards. Common household items (non-ferrous):

  • Copper – plumbing pipes, air conditioner parts, electrical wire, some roofing materials

  • Aluminum – cans, doors, gutters, siding, window frames

  • Brass – door handles, bathroom fixtures, light fixtures, keys

  • Bronze – pipe valve, musical instruments, decorative items

How am I paid?

Most transactions are typically paid in cash, however, check payments are available and necessary depending on the type of material and size of the transaction. 

What is my stuff worth?

If you bring mixed material to us, we will need to invest time in separating out the different material types.  Bringing us clean metal that is separated by type of metal means less processing on our end and we will pay more for separated material vs. mixed material. Please feel free to ask questions. We are glad to help!

Do you accept appliances?

While we do not offer pick-up service for these items, we welcome homeowners to bring old appliances to one of our recycling facilities. We recycle:

  • Washing machines

  • Dryers

  • Dishwashers

  • Refrigerators

  • Freezers – commercial and residential

  • Air conditioners

  • Air handlers

  • Heat pumps

  • Water heater

Refrigerators and air conditioners require special handling due to refrigerants that need to be properly handled.  We will require a signature certifying that appliance has been disposed compliant with applicable state law.


Do you accept junk vehicles?

Both of our locations accept junk vehicles for recycling.  We accept running and non-running cars, vans and trucks.  We also buy trailers. We pay for metal and do charge a tire disposal fee for any semi truck tires or more than 5 tires per car.

  • To sell a vehicle, you will need proof of ownership (title).

  • Don’t forget that you will need a ride home. If you drive your vehicle to our facility to sell, remember to make arrangements for a ride to get home. We are unable to offer transport to individuals.

  • An online search will be done to verify vehicle is not stolen.

Will you pick up my scrap metal?

Seldom will we be able to pick up household loads. If you have large volume of metals, we may be able to arrange to have the material picked up.  Click the link below to fill out a form and we will contact you.

Is there a minimum weight to sell scrap?

Our scales read as little as 1 pound. So 1 pound or greater is all that is required.

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