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Are you a Scrap Dealer or Salvage Yard Owner?
If so, we want your business!  

At Interstate Metal Processing, we strive to offer our customers fair pricing while improving their cash flow in both good markets and bad to make them as competitive as possible in their geographic area.  Call us today to discuss how we can help create a long term relationship with your company.  We not only have a state of the art shredding and ferrous processing operation, we also have a mill direct non-ferrous division that will surpasses expectation not only in price, but service as well.  We look foward to meeting with you soon!!

  • Material grading and inspections – any ferrous or non-ferrous metals

  • Fast payments – terms to suit you and your business

  • On Time and Dependable  – using our in-house fleet of trucks and trailers

  • Leverage our capabilities - use our marketing strength and pricing power to get the best prices and services for all your ferrous and non-ferrous grades

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